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Wishing to give people a dream, an impression, and energy to live, we have developed these porcelain kaleidoscopes by collaborating with a world-famous kaleidoscope artist and collecting professional techniques and knowledge from Koransha, Gen-emon Kiln and Soejima Glass companies.
Koji Yamami

Arita Porcelain Scopes Are Dream Works of Art.
Kaleidoscopes are magic tools that can impress and entertain everyone in the world. The world that opens up beyond the small eyehole of a kaleidoscope is like a microcosm where thousands of flowers bloom.

The kaleidoscopes created in collaboration with Arita porcelain artisans are dream works of art.

It would make me happy if these kaleidoscopes could impress people or inspire their dreams.

Koji Yamami is a world-renowned kaleidoscope artist who has participated in various art exhibits and kaleidoscope shows as well as numerous kaleidoscope projects. He has appeared on a number of television programs such as “Fashion Workshop” (NHK) and “Takeshi’s Anybody Can Be a Picasso” (TV Tokyo). He also created the title background for the TV series “Peony & Rose” (Fuji Television and its nationwide network).

- Awarded the quasi grand prix for “Maiko” at World Kaleidoscope Convention 2001

- Awarded the quasi grand prix for “Maiko 2003” at World Kaleidoscope Convention 2003

- Awarded the Hamamatsu Mayor Prize for the huge five-meter-tall kaleidoscope displayed at the Shizuoka International Garden and Horticulture Exhibition, Pacific Flora 2004

In the colors and patterns called the Koransha style, we can find deep-rooted traditions and modern tastes at the same time. Koransha’s porcelain ware has been appreciated by countless people throughout the ages.
Gen-emon Kiln
Gen-emon Kiln’s products are characterized in that each one of them is painted by hand. Their noble patterns and deep colors that imply a long history will impress everybody whether he/she is a porcelain lover or not.

Soejima Glass
Soejima Glass Company’s glass technology has been registered as one of the Intangible Cultural Properties of Saga Prefecture. Their products showcase their unparalleled advanced technology.
Saga Cardboard Firm
(Arita Kaleidoscope Research Laboratory)
Accredited as a Saga Prefecture’s corporate building support business in 2003, Saga Cardboard Firm has gathered the wisdom of numerous professionals from 12 different industries to develop the Arita Porcelain Scopes. In 2005, receiving national support, the company succeeded in developing the world’s first Large-Type Arita Porcelain Scope.